Zarina Fire

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Measurements:  Height: 5'9”;  Bust:  34 C; Waist: 31”;  Hips: 41”;  Inseam: 30” Weight: 140;  Shoe: 9;  Dress:  8-9  
Background Experience:  Zarina Fire has a dance, gymnastics, musical theatre & modeling background. Raised in theatre, she performed in professional ballet & dance repertory companies that toured Internationally such as Oregon Ballet Theatre & The Jefferson Dancers. By ten she was a state champion gymnast, was chosen to sing with Oregon Symphony & received a full scholarship to The School of Oregon Ballet Theatre.  She received a full-merit scholarship to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where in 2002 she earned her BFA in Dance, minoring in Musical Theatre & Kinesiology. As a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner she reinvented her movement capabilities by teaching herself Contortionism. She currently makes her living as a professional Dancer &  Contortionist & as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.   
Skills: Contortion (extreme front-bending, back-bending, R, L & Center over-splits, extreme twisting, shoulder, knee & hip dislocation), Fire-Eating, Fire-Fans, Gymnastic Tumbling, Dance (Ballet(en pointe), tap, jazz, modern, African, Swing, Hip Hop & Flamenco) & Acro-Balancer.
Resume:  Contortionist for movies & TV shows Resident Evil, The Rite, The Cape, Hop, Disney’s ANT FARM & 1000 Ways To Die.  She was seen in the Chevy GLEE National Superbowl & SMART Car TV commercials. lLive performances as a dancer & contortionist include  Teatro ZInzanni, Girly Girl Catfight Show, Hellfire, French Tuesdays, Lucha Vavoom, Planet Perfecto, West Side Story, Transformations Opera, Oregon Ballet Theatre & Eugene Ballet Company. 
Loves & Interests:  Zarina Fire loves to connect with & inspire others to realize & embrace new undiscovered positive ways of moving & being in the world, whether that be through her performances or through her work as a Gulid Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. Her motto is, "Change is constant, so it's good to be flexible," & she inspires to encourage others to explore & utilize more of their own flexibility, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or all of the above. 
Unions & Affiliations:  SAG/AFTRA, Represented by  MSA
Current City:  Los Angeles