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SkyFire is a performing arts company where innovations in cirque and science merge to create a once-in-a-lifetime-experience.  While acting in our storytelling theatre, performers wield 15 foot arcs of electricity from a Tesla-Coil in a show with aerial acrobatics, fire dancing, stilt-walking, and much more.


Michelle LaVon, Maki Hatayama, Pamela Samuelson, Xan Underhill, Shawna Wentz, Rachel Jesse, Roxanne Abel, Michael Wood, Dustin Engelskind

~Creative Director: Michael Tam Wood

~Arts & Education:  Michelle Star LaVon

~Marketing & Promotion:  Dustin Engelskind

~Administration & Finance: Aaron Land

~Technical Direction:  Jeff Parisse

Bio: Creative Director- Michael Ravenwood

Born in Tokyo, Michael moved to the Philippines and Singapore before coming to live in California.  He began training in the martial arts at the age of ten and, after acquiring a degree in psychology, has since become a professional model, circus performer, instructor, event producer and business owner. As a founder & the creative director of the performing arts company SkyFire, he invents the concept designs for costuming, stage architecture & storytelling pieces. As one of SkyFire’s lead performers, he uses a high voltage protective suit to wield 15 foot bolts of electricity from a massive Tesla-coil.