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Measurements: Height: 5’11”; Waist: 32 1/2”; Hips 39.5”;

Chest: 40”; Pants Inseam: 31"; Shoe: 12

Skills:  Trampwall, Fire Poi, Fire Staff, Chinese Pole, Nunchucks, Fei Cha/Broom, Floor Tumbling, Tricking, Parkour & Aerial

Background Experience:  Scott was once a martial artist who shifted his focus to tricking & then discovered circus arts. He now performs & trains as many of of these incredible arts as he can get his hands on! 


Film Credits:
~Extreme Dodgeball World Championship: Stunts, Parkour & Tricking

~RIPD Promo: Stunts, Tricking & Parkour
Music Video Credits:

~Little Daylight: “Overdose”: Trampoline, Stunts, & Actor

~Capitol Records/The Sweet Shop
Live Performance:
~Jump City (June-August 2013):  Trampoline, Chinese Pole,  Tricking & Bo Staff     

~Action Sports Demo 2013: Trampoline, Trampwall, Gymnastics & Tricking

~TWERK, Magic Mountain’s Steampunk’d all summer residency, Trampwall

Agencies & Union Affiliations: Non-Union & UCLA Club Gymnastics Team

Loves & Interests:  Scott loves massages, sushi, & music!

Unions & Affiliations: Non-Union

Current Cities:  Las Vegas & Los Angeles