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Measurements: Height: 5’6;  Weight: 117;  Chest: 37”; Shoe: 9.5;   Waist: 27.5””,  Hips: 33”, Inseam: 32”

Skills: Hand-Balancing, Juggling while Hand-Balancing & Adagio, Washington Trapeze, Chinese Pole, Solo & Duo Straps

Background Experience:  Roilan is a professional Hand-balancing artist who was born in Havana, Cuba. He is 3rd generation following in the footsteps of his grandfather & mother. Growing up in a violently oppressed country with an extreme communist government, Roilan had a dream of one day living in the United States & sharing the freedom that most of us take for granted. He realized he would have to be the best in order to receive an Visa. 

Roilan trained religiously, graduated from the National Circus School of Cuba with a BA in Circus Arts & was recognized for his talents by a foreign embassy. Soon he was contracted to work for circuses in Israel, Spain, Belgium & other countries across Europe. His final contract was in Venezuela before he was to be forced back to Cuba. Roilan decided that wasn't an option and attempted to escape. It took him 3 whole years while losing everything to cross all the borders from Venezuela to the US. He experienced betrayals by friends & family, got lost in the Amazon Jungle, was imprisoned a few times, rode renegade on top of the trains through Mexico & faced death many times. 

Roilan made it to Texas then onto Las Vegas to try working as a hand-balancer once more, but the 3 years of surviving & no training along with poor nutrition rendered him unable. Discouraged, he moved in with friends in the small town of Brigham City, Utah where he got a job in a factory. He felt that he was finished with circus for good. 

In May, 2012, Roilan begin missing his circus days & went into a nearby gymnastics studio where an Aerial Dancer named Hope was teaching an Aerial Silk Clinic & she quickly recognized Roilans talents. She convinced him to follow her back to the city and start working together. 

Hope made a set of canes for Roilan & he hand-balanced for the first time in 3 years. The two began seeing the potential in each other & began working closely... practicing daily & creating mind blowing acro routines. The two fell in love & moved to Salt Lake City where they both perform as independent contractors.

Training & eating proper nutrition daily, Roilan has recovered all of his hand-balancing skills, plus more! He is one of the only hand-balancers in the world who can perform the single elbow lever press to single arm handstand.

Roilan is truly a fearless acrobat with a burning passion. He has amazing routines, a beautiful stacking hand-balancing instrument, does an impressive upsidedown juggling act on one arm, can do a single finger stand as well & so much more.

Agency & Union Affiliation:  Non-Union

Loves & Interests:  Fresh juice, hot springs, movies, & kids!

Current City:  Las Vegas, NV