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Measurements: Height: 5'10";  Weight: 155 lbs;  Shirt: Medium; Pants: 30" waist 30" inseam; Shoes: 9-10;  Inseam: 28.5";  Chest: 39"; Waist: 32.5"; Head: 23"; Hips: 35.5"

Skills: World class Free Running/Parkour Athlete, Adagio/Acro Yoga, Trampoline Artist, Hand-Balancer, Paragliding/Hang Gliding, Stilt-Walker, High Falls stunts, Motorcycle/Car Stunt Driver & Slack-Lining,

Background Experience: Nicholas Coolridge has been considered a World Class Free Runner since 2007 when he was accepted into the World FreeRunning & Parkour Federation. Before he was a Parkour athlete, training on a trampoline was one of his main hobbies. Also, with 4 years of Capoeira martial arts training, transitioning into Parkour at the age of 15 was easy. Years back while flipping around one day at a festival, the circus troupe Luccent Dossier while dressed in full costume & stilts approached him holding out a business & said "You need to be part of our circus." This moment changed his life forever & has since devoted the majority of his time to acrobatics. 

Resume: Besides his more recent work with Bruce Weber as a Parkour athlete/model, Nicholas has done work as the lead Parkour acrobat on various commercials & films. He also works as a circus performer for the LA based circus Lucent Dossier who performs all over the world. He recently started an instagram account @ModernTarzan which now has close to 12,000 followers and counting.

Unions & Affiliations:  Non-Union

Love & Interests:  Fascinated with just about anything & being very open to new experiences & knowledge, you name it & Nicholas has probably done it. Some of his more passionate hobbies besides flying are making extreme videos, Cooking, playing piano, carving, traveling, survival camping & making random people smile.

Current City: Los Angeles