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Measurements:  Height:  5'11", Weight:  160 lbs, Shoe:  10-10/12,  Chest: 42", Waist:  31", Length: 37", Inseam: 31"

Skills:   Fire: Poi, Staff, Double Staff, Devil Stix, Meteor, Sword, Fire-Eating, Fire-Fleshing, Fetish-Fire.

Juggling:  Poi, Devil Stix, Double Devil Stix, Meteor, Hula-Hoop, Juggling Rings (3 ring), Contact Sphere & Floating Wand.

Dance: Ballet, Modern/Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop & Contact Improv.

Martial Arts, Tumbling, Stilt-Walking & Acro-Balancing.

Background Experience:  At 4 years old, Nathan began with Martial arts training that continued for 12 years.  He discovered a passion for dance in high school that soon led him into circus arts and performance.

Resume:  Nathan has worked with a number of dance & circus companies including CONDER/dance, Instinct, Pyroclectic, Mourning Fyre, UniFyre & Lucent Dossier.  He has performed all over the country including, Knotts Berry Farms in California, The Kennedy Center in DC, The Firebird Casino in Reno, NV & Scottsdale Center for the Arts in Arizona.

Love & Interests: Nathan is passionate about dance and makes time for it every week.  He also love to travel & tries to spend at least 3-5 months of the year on the road. 

Current City:  Scottsdale, Arizona