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Measurements:  Height: 5’11”; Weight: 150;   Shoe: 10.5; Jacket: Medium; Inseam: 30; Chest 34

Skills:  Michael  Ravenwood is a fire-dancer through & through. Mastering most all of the tools, he has all the warrior-like moves which comes from his martial arts background.

Background Experience:  Michael has a background in martial arts for the last seven years, fire-dancing for nine years,  one year of drama school, six years of modeling &  a year of performance coordination with the Lightning Temple.

Resume:  As a popular performer in Los Angeles, Michael has quite the resume.  To name a few of his favorites: 

~  Top Chef on Bravo

~ The Closer on NBC

~ Cobin Variety Show

~ The Watchman from Paramount

~ The Cabana Club

~ Sky Bar

~ Bar Sinistee

~ Playboy Mansion

~ Knott’s Berry Farm

~ The Roxy

~ Keyclub

~ Whisky A-Go-Go,

Loves & Interests:  Mordecai loves are Yoga, Quantum Physics, Mysticism, Mythology, Psychology, healthy delicious food, inspiring movies & trying new things.

Unions & Affiliations:  SAG/AFTRA

Current CIty:  Los Angeles & San Diego