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Measurements: Height 5'5; Weight 145; Shoe 7; Chest 105 cm; Waist 86 cm; Hips 79 cm; Inseam 43 cm

Skills: Acrobatics, Handstands, Stunts, Cyr Wheel, Sports Model, Actor, Apparatus Creator, Trampoline

Background Experience:  Mathieu started gymnastics at the age of 8 and discovered that jumping, rolling, spinning and flipping would be driving his entire life and become his Passion.


After 16 years of gymnastics, exploring his skills & abilities, he received many rewards, such as 2 Gold Medals during the National French Championship in 1999 & 2001 on floor exercises. As a high ranking gymnast, Mathieu decided to make it happen & become a full-fledged artist & a unique one. 

In May 2003, a successful audition in Berlin, with Cirque du Soleil, offered him the opportunity to change his life. During more than 5 years & over 1800 shows, he performed as an acrobat/stuntman & main character/actor with the most spectacular Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel-Casino, KA. 

Always with Cirque du Soleil, he appeared several times in American television such as CSI: Las Vegas, Discovery Channel & on the German channel ARTE. These amazing experiences inspired him to create his own acts. He dedicated himself in the creation of two original and unique shows, the BALANCE WHEEL & CIRKOLUTION.

Mathieu performs BALANCE WHEEL & CIRKOLUTION on famous TV shows such as ''Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde'',  renowned circus/cabaret/variety shows, such as Circus Roncalli, Friedrichsbau Variete & many more. At the same time, he also works as a stunt/actor in movie productions. Experimental workout equipment creation & direction, sports artistic coaching & personal training are also are a huge part of his life and passion. 

Union Affiliation:  None.

Loves & Interests: Nature, music, sports. Always creating stuff that is "out of the box".

Current City:  Bordeaux, France