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Skills:  Aerial Hoop; Contortion; Acrobatic Dance; Hand-Balancing;  Fire Spinning & Eating;  Gogo;  Interactive Theatre
Measurements:  Height: 5'1",  Weight: 125 lbs, Shoes: 6-7, Dress: 4-6, Chest: 36.5", Waist: 27", Hips: 37", Inseam: 31"
Background Experience:  They say Lyra is, “Like if Batman were a ballerina.'” An Aerial Contortionist & Mechanical Engineer out of MIT, she attempts to maximize her time spent upside down & in the air by making large, climbable art & then performing on it. Her performance background is in multi-disciplinary dance, aerial acrobatics, contortion, hand-balancing, & theatre. 
~ Vau de Vire’s Hell in the Armoury​/Interactive Character Work; San Francisco 
~ Rabbithole Masquerade​/Aerial Hoop; Sonoma, CA 
~ Skinny Kitty Teahouse​/Aerial Hoop en Pointe; BurningMan 
~ Nightlife​with the​Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform​/Aerial Hoop, Cal Academy of Science San Francisco
~ Cabaret Metamorphoses​/​Callisto and Philomela​/Aerial Hoop, Pointe;  Circus Center San Francisco
~ Big Stick Shindig/ Aerial Hoop;  Saratoga Springs, Upper Lake, CA
~ All Worlds Fair​/Interactive character;  The Old Mint, San Francisco
~ Rabbithole Masquerade​/Silks; Sonoma
~ Edwardian Ball​/​Mystic Midway;   Regency Ballroom, San Francisco 
~Masquerotica​/Virgin Sacrifice; San Francisco Exhibition Center
 Loves & Interests:  A compulsive designer, circus performer, & talented amateur, Lyra seeks unintuitive challenges that require creativity & cleverness to solve.  Movement, novelty, ingenuity, curiosity & tea are my favorite things.
Unions & Affiliations:  Non-Union
Current City:  Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA