Iridescence:  A Mermaid Tribe

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Iridescence:  A Mermaid Tribe is a multi-scaled performance team of 9 Mermaids, 1 Neptune, a singing serpent, an acrobat eel, a contortionist Hermit Crab who all have a huge love for the ocean and super strong backgrounds in swimming, surfing, diving and water sports.  We have our own over-the-top 25’ aerial rig and a submerged stage that can live in any pool.  Also, if the requirement of the performance is ambiance and above ground, we have two Seahorse Chariots ready to showcase our Mers. Each of our Mermaids and Mermen all have very specific Archetypes and are also professional performers; actors, hula-hoopers, pole-dancers, fire-dancers, lightening dancers, aerialists and belly-dancers. While performing a multitude of skills, we act out vignettes about conservation, human consciousness,  and the new change of power from the masculine to the feminine. These vignettes are acted out within our “water stage” throughout the show.  You can see more about us on

10% Proceeds from our troupe's endeavors always go to ocean conservation non-profits of our choosing. 

If you would like to book us for your private pool, aquarium or hotel pool we are also happy to accommodate. Prices vary depending on the set-up and how large you would like your Pod of Mermaids to be and all mermaids aver available for individual hire!

Neptune Milosz:  The Protector

Mermaid Ginger:  The Pin-Up Mermaid

Kaia Mermaid:  The Vixen

Lena-Luna:  The Peace Maker

Rebekah Seadragon &

Chantel Mermaid: 

The Medicine Woman Mama

Koya Mermaid:

The Healer Mermaid

The Pod with Special Guest SeaStar , Hannah Mermaid!

Casey Merman: The KokoPelli

Mandy-Jane, Roxy Seadragon, Hannah Fraser: Special Guest SeaStar, Rebekah Seadragon & Zircon Seadragon at Symbiosis Gathering

Faeryn Mermaid:

The RockStar at The Symbiosis Gathering

Neptune Milosz & Russia Mermaid: The Alchemist

Linnea Mermaid:  The Warrior

Merman Jax: 

The Dark Tide Merman