This is a show about Love.  This is a show about Sex.  This is a show about everything in between.  Love & Sexetera: An Acro-Foreplay’s message is to explore sexuality while dispelling the myths and taboos.  It is not to make a mockery or exploit sexuality. As the audience, we follow a young couple on their quest to understand sex and find love.  Two Stilt-Walking Emcees accompany each scene while discussing interesting sex facts, statistics and shocking stories from our culture and other culture’s sexual practices… all the while, falling in love. 


The daydreams, memories and experiences of the young boy and girl are played out by other performers acrobatically... massive Aerial Swings, a Floating Aerial Bed, a 20' Chinese Pole-Shower, Aerial Ropes, Fire-Dancers and Spinning Cyr-Wheel are to name a few of the acts. 


At the end of the hour and a half show, there will be a Q and A session with four "Sexperts" who have credentials ranging from doctorates as an OBGYN to a Tantric Love Coach.  Hopefully this session will answer any compelling sexual questions from the audience that Love & Sexetera might have aroused.  Open bar and Mediterranean food served at all shows!  Artists and vendors will be providing lots of sexy things on display and for sale as well.


Taking you back to a time long ago.  Perhaps, an even better human existence where food was grown in your own backyard, clothing was  scarce, but upscale & classy, people wrote each other letters on paper, a man was a man & brought  flowers & a woman was a woman who curtsied & wore rose toilette.  An era where people took time to bid each other hello while passing on the streets &  we actually knew our grandparents.  This was the 1920’s - 1940’s.  To commemorate this era & the independence of The United States, we bring you


Old American Circus Dinner Theatre

A night of live music, classic circus spectacle, cabaret, authentic dress, traditional food & drink with which we will dine under the stars on china & lace table cloths, play games & dance by strung lights... maybe even get your palm read or have your portrait taken by an old fashioned camera mounted on tripod.   Make sure to get here promptly as dinner & dessert are only served until 9pm.  1920-40’s style dress is highly encouraged!


WHAT: Acrobatic Partner Yoga, Cleansing Vegan Cuisine, Meditation and  Tropical Healing Retreat

WHERE:  Costa Rica

WHEN: Oct. 12-19th, 2013

WHY:  To experience a whole new you!

Destination #1:  Costa Rica: October 12-19th, 2013 in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

This out of body experience is eight days, seven nights on one of the best surf beaches in the world at a gorgeous Eco-Resort called Tropico Latino (one night in San Jose).  All packages include Vegan meals (3-daily), fresh juices and cooking classes all taught by world renowned Fitness Guru and Vegan Chef Ms. Koya Webb  Raw, Acrobatic Partner Yoga lessons by popular Los Angeles Acro-Coach Christopher Filkins & San Francisco Trainer & Rehab Specialist Liz Golan,  guided meditations along with stretch and strengthen classes by Fitness Coach, Fire/Aerial coach and event producer Ms. Chantel Durelli, massages in beautiful treatment room palapas by the beach and rooms within a sprawling beach front home with it’s own pool & jacuzzi, restaurant and a pool on the premises.  

Keep your eyes peeled for Love & Sexetera: Cirqgasm!

The story about a monogamous couple and their quest to keep life in the bedroom (or otherwise)

interesting and stimulating !

Destination Recalibration:


Big Island, Hawaii!

* Daily Aerial Instruction (Silks, Trapeze & Rope)

* Daily Ocean MerSwim Instruction with Dolphins

* Mermaid & Aerialist Photoshoots

*Fresh Organic, Locally Sourced Food 3x Daily

* Big Beds Lodging at the Kiai Jungle Hideaway

* Daily Yoga & Meditation

*Field Trips to the Volcano, Manta Ray Dive & Ocean Boating & Beaches

* FREE TIME & Special Guest Speakers


Lil’ Tricksters Summer ’18 Cirque Camp starts the week after school lets out. The course includes teachings to young ones 7 years old up to 14 years old. We offer a three-day curriculum: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am until 1pm.

There are qualified circus teachers teaching each class. One teacher will be utilized for 3-6 children. Two teachers will be necessary for 7-15 children and three teachers will be needed if we have over 16 on up to 24. 24 students is considered our maximum.

The modalities offered are all that one would see in a


Classes include:  

Tumbling, Stretching, Silks, Aerial Hammocks, Trapeze, Poi-Spinning, Juggling, Hula-Hooping, Character &  Improv Classes & other Circus Crafts (ie: Facepainting, Costume Making, Tutu Building, Drum Building, Build Your Own Poi, Hula-Hoop Making).  Each day will include three different modalities of an athletic, art & a theatre component.

Session 1: June 4-29th, Mon, Weds, Fri 10-1pm

Session 2: July 2-27th, Mon, Weds, Fri 10-1pm

~ $350 for Month Session

~ $125 for 3-Day Week Session

November 7-14th, 2016

$1600 in 3 installments


$1360 Kama’Aina or Early Gecko

Past Events