Danni G.

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Measurements: Height: 5’9'' ;  Weight:  160;  Shoe: 9.5; Waist: 31;  Shirt: M
Skills:  STUNTS: High Falls,Wire Work, Fights, Basic Stunt Driver, Stair Falls & Parkour.
SPORTS: Gymnastics, Trampoline, Rollerblading, Surfing, Skateboard, Snowboard, Downhill Skateboard & Rappelling.
MARTIAL ARTS: Capoeira, Karate, Judo & Tricking.
CIRCUS SKILLS: Aerialist, Power Skips, Chinese Pole, Trampoline, Power Track, Cyr Wheel, German Wheel & Stilts.
Background Experience:  Danni grew up in Valencia, Venezuela where he trained gymnastics for 10 years.  Then he got into martial arts for another 5 years while becoming the Top 10 Rollerbladers of the Year (’01 & ’02).   After moving to Orlando, FL, Danni started work for  Disney & Universal Studios, Anti-Gravity & Metropolis. Then he got picked up by Cirque Du Soleil where he worked in NYC in the show WINTUK for another 4 years. His latest move has been to Los Angeles in the pursuit of stunt work & DJ’ing!
Resume:  With such a cross-section of skills, Danni has experienced a plethora of accomplishments.  To name a few highlights:  Enchanted, Disney;  Southland, TNT;  Obama’s Presidential Inaugural Day;  BET Awards Show;  Microsoft & Kellogg’s Commercials;  WINTUK, Cirque Du Soleil;  Indiana Jones & Tarzan Rock, Walt Disney World;  Anti-Gravity World Tour;  & LXD (League of Extraordinary Dancers)  Webisodes & went on the 2015 all-summer season tour  with Wanderlust festivals teaching, performing & Dj’ing. 
Unions & Affiliations:  SAG/AFTRA
Loves & Interests:  Danni loves nature!  Surfing, flying, learning, teaching, colors, loving & especially loving the people capable of seeking their own truth & not the “truth” that has been told to them.
Current City:  Los Angeles, CA