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Chantel Durelli


Chantel gets her experience as a Talent Manager in every direction.  As an ex- SAG Stunt Woman & Commercial Actress, Spokesperson & Fitness Model in Los Angeles, she has done her time in front of the camera.   Her experiences as a Celebrity Personal Trainer, Circus School Director, Aerial Instructor, Massage Therapist & Physical Therapist Assistant has earned her the right to say that she really knows the body & what this amazing machine is capable of.  When it comes to Circus, she has trained at Bobby Yerkes’, also her honorary grandfather, stunt facility for years & has gotten to know most of the circus & stunt people in town.  Along with doing independent jobs as an Aerial  Artist, Fire Dancer & Mermaid, she performed with CIrque Berzerk for four years.  She has an aerial training facility where she & many others train & where she has thrown numerous circus parties.

Her management accomplishments include creating bookings for her clients in movies, commercials, private venues, film festivals, private parties & live-shows in foreign countries.  Her production career is also quite busy.  These are all Chantel’s Creations:

~ IRIDESCENCE:  A MERMAID TRIBE : A full-scale mermaid/man ocean awarenessperformance troupe

~DESTINATION RECALIBRATION : A destination retreat company for Circus Art Fitness, Healthy Cuisine & Meditation.

~MOONSHINE JAMBORREE : A 40‘s Circus Dinner Theatre.

~ LOVE & SExETRA : A full mix of writing, producing & directing of the highly attended circus-sex show, where Chantel even had a “Sexpert” panel at the end of the 8-Act Circus Show that was opened to Q&A for everyone’s deepest, darkest sex questions.

~ CIRQUE HALE: Creator & Director of a Cirque-Us School within a large 4,000 sq’ yoga studio, Yoga Hale on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Chantel is deeply committed to representing her clients positively, ethically & honestly in every way.   

~ LIL’TRICKSTERS CIRQUE CAMPS:  A circus camp for kids from 5-14 during their Winter & Summer breaks that offers cirque, acting & art modalities for the 3.5 hours each day!

Photo by Alden Wallace

                 Monique DeAnda


Monique has always had a flare for the dramatic, a need to move and a deep affinity for the arts. Showing a tremendous amount of kinetic energy from her beginnings, she constantly sought out new forms of movement and expression. Her interest peaked in music, dance, athletics and the arts.

As a 3rd generation LA native, the entertainment industry is well rooted in her family tree. Her father, a sought after musician/composer, & mother, an entertainment journalist, brought artists of all walks into her family’s Hollywood home. Monique was adept within the dynamic social setting. Known for being gregarious and free-spirited, she met every new life challenge

with unharnessed gusto.

She discovered the many hats of event production fit naturally, combining Monique’s professions and passions. She is always at her best when connecting people to solutions. A strong sense of ethics, fairness and a profound respect of others are all paramount to her work/life philosophy.

These days, she can be found moving between her beloved communities of  Santa Monica Muscle Beach and Swing City at Burning Man. As an active participant and team member, each community offers opportunity to grow those deeply valued aspects of self.

As Production & Stage Manager of Eccentric Talent, as well as our wiggly little tails at Iridescence: A Mermaid Tribe, facilitation, collaboration & co-creation are what Monique brings to each and every production. Intuitively responding to the needs of our merfolk, remaining tuned in to the client, all while grounded in the production schedule, are the challenges that

she enjoys most.

Photo By Steve Paynie