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Measurements:  Height: 5’10”; Jacket Medium; Shoe 9.5

Skills:  The traveling rings  (found at a few beach parks), the Zig (a unique metal contraption that requires balance & prowess, shown bottom left), Body-Balancing, Acro-Yoga & Rouge Cyr.

Background Experience:  Christopher was a competitive gymnast since the time he was seven.  He has now made the cross-over into beach sports. 

Loves & Interests:  Christopher is quite the active man.  Lately his whole focus has been in acrobatic-yoga teachings, performances, retreats & events now that he quit making Cyr wheels for the public.  As a long-time resident of Venice Beach, most of his skills are beach-bound (the traveling rings is a Santa Monica only apparatus) & he can be found every Sunday without fail at the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica to the South of the Pier. His 21 year old daughter, Kassia, is probably one of his biggest passions who he has taken with him to the beach since she was a baby, & she too now, has a love for acrobatics!  If Chris isn’t working, he’s on his bike on his way to go have some acrobatic fun or figuring out a way to try new contraptions!

Unions & Affiliations: Non-Union, DDO ARTISTS for specialty.

Current City:  Los Angeles