Mermaids Adelaide & Leilainia

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Adelaide: Height: 5’4, Weight: 110, Shoe: 6.5, Dress Size: small, Chest: 32b, Waist: 26, Hips: 33,  Inseam: 29

Leilainia: Height: 5’6; Weight :118; Shoe: 7.5/ 8 ;  Dress Size: 0; Chest: 32b / 34a, Waist:27.5,  Hips: 35.5 – 36; Inseam 30

Skills:  Belly-Dancers “The Shimey Sisters”, Mermaids, Acro-Mermaids, Rapper Mermaids, Fire-Dancers, Snake Charmers & Hula-Hoopers

Resume:   Both sisters have not only been raised by professional artists & performers, but grew up doing it their whole lives. Mermaiding, of course, came natural to them being raised in a beach community in San Diego.  Both have true affinities for the sea & lend their dorsals to anything Ocean Conservation that they can. The best part of it is, as proficient belly-dancer/fire-dancer/acrobats, they both have some of these skills while in TAIL! This adds an entire new element to their mermaid persona!

Loves & Interests: Art, MUSE-ic, Nature, Color, Energy, Health, Mystery

Unions & Affiliations: Non-Union

Current City:   San Diego, CA